Inlay/Silver 1

INTRO TO INLAY – Chuck Bruce & Co-Teacher Micah Kirby

William Holland – June 11-17, 2017

Beginning Inlay Jewelry – Students will construct an inlay pendant (project 1), and student choice after. Suggestions for project, Large Inlay pendant, inlay bead, Inlay Ring, Belt Buckle, and Cuff links. Students can bring basic silver tools, pocketknife or scribe, will have most tools needed. Students need to bring or purchase 2-3 slabs of rock that are similar hardness, Woods, Fossil Ivory and can be combined for inlay. Pattern stones do very well with plain colored stone. Expect waste rock.

Lab Fee: $150.00 Includes Sterling Silver for Project 1, pripps flux, silver hard wire solder, saw blades, glues for inlay, stabilizer glues, dusk masks, 3M and black craytec wheels on dremel points, green scrubby, pencil and disposable goods. Does include some banding stones and wood.Estimate Material Cost: First 1 projects are included in lab fee, other materials plan on $100 to $300 depending on projects chosen.Prerequisites: Cabochons – Very Helpful , Silver I – Very Helpful


Chuck Bruce Bio –

With a background in interior design and fashion merchandising, Chuck turned his passion to jewelry. He is faculty at Berea Festival of Learnshops, Indianapolis Art Center, Kentucky Guild of Artist and Craftsman, besides William Holland. He has taken classes in cabochons, advanced chain making, chasing & repousse, cold connections, design, fold forming, gold, granulation, lost wax casting, opals, inlay, intarsia, silver I & II, spool knitting and steel tools from William Holland Lapidary school, Society of Midwest Metalsmiths, Indianapolis Arts Center and FC Drea Design, Artist Row Studios. He has spent 15 years silversmithing/lapidary as a Midwest regional artist in Indiana. He exhibits his work in local art fairs, Art in Hand Co-op, and galleries. An active member of Indiana Artisan, Indy Metalsmith, Kentucky Guild of Artist and Craftsman, and Society of Midwest Metalsmith.

Micah Kirby Bio –

With a Bachelors of Fine Arts Furniture Design and Sculpture from Indiana University Herron School of Art and Design, Micah redirected his love of art, found objects and sculptural elements to unique contemporary furniture, jewelry and sculptures. He has training in cabochons, advanced chain making, cold connections, design, fold forming, inlay, and silver fabrication. He has spent last year working as studio assistant to Chuck Bruce Designs and has participated in regional Midwest art fairs and local commissioned furniture projects. He exhibits his work in local Indianapolis galleries, permanent installation at Indiana University of Sice for International affairs, and has been published in HouseTrends Magazine.