Gem Trees

Gem Trees – Jerri Heer

Wild Acres – July 23-29, 2017

This class will start with the basic skills of gem tree making, and graduate to an exploration of multiple styles and advanced design of truly beautiful and species specific trees. We will discuss and study a variety of construction methods, as well as how to plan and create our own patterns. Lab fee includes wire, leaf stones, bases and materials to make at least one small basic tree, one medium tree and one large tree. All instructions, patterns and tools will be included. A large variety of additional gemstone wire, leaf and base materials will be available for purchase.

Lab Fee: US$75

Estimated Materials Cost: US$0-150

Prerequisites: none


Jerri Heer Bio-

Jerri has been making gem trees since 1995. She fell into rockhounding and lapidary arts in the process of homeschooling her four children. The family joined the Toledo Gem and Rockhound Club and learned rock collecting, cabbing, soapstone carving, gem  trees  and many other lapidary arts together. Jerri took making gem trees to a new level, designing her own styles and patterns and developing her own techniques. She has taught beginning and advanced gem tree classes for the Michigan Geological and Gemcraft Society Rockhound Seminars for several years. She has entered competitive exhibits of her trees at the regional and national level, winning a first place ribbon in the Rocky Mountain Federation and a trophy in  the American Federation. Her entries in the Florida State Fair and Plant City Strawberry Festival  have  earned multiple First Place and Grand Champion ribbons. Jerri relocated to Florida in 2010, and is a member of four rock clubs (so far).