Electro-Etching – Micah Kirby

Wildacres – September 17-23, 2018

Class Description:

Learn a design driven approach to Electro Etching. Gain knowledge using multiple masking techniques including oil based marker, vinyl, P-n-P, and photosensitive paper as resists on metal. Acquire experience with two, non caustic and non gas producing electrolyte solutions: salt and cupric nitrate.  Low voltage power supplies will be our power source to initiate etching. Copper and silver will be the main metals we use for this course (others can be used). It is recommended to use the internet to find images that interest you. Find simple designs and be careful of trademarked images. I will have some designs available to use.

Lab fee: $150 will include first project and consumables. All other metals in select shapes can be purchased or feel welcome to bring your own metal. (18ga. or 20ga for bracelets, 20ga. for pendents and 24ga. for earrings)



Electro-Etching – Micah Kirby


With a Bachelors of Fine Arts Furniture Design and Sculpture from Indiana University Herron School of Art and Design, Micah redirected his love of art, found objects and sculptural elements to unique contemporary furniture, jewelry and sculptures. He has training in cabochons, advanced chain making, cold connections, design, fold forming, inlay, and silver fabrication. He has spent last year working as studio assistant to Chuck Bruce Designs and has participated in regional Midwest art fairs and local commissioned furniture projects. He exhibits his work in local Indianapolis galleries, permanent installation at Indiana University of Sice for International affairs, and has been published in HouseTrends Magazine.