Electro-Etching/Wood Inlay

Electro-Etching/Wood Inlay – Micah Kirby

Wildacres – September 16-22, 2019

Class Description:

Class will combine two techniques of Electro Etching and Wood Inlay to bring beautiful and unique design elements to Inlay jewelry. Electro Etching is a process of putting a design into metal using a resist\mask of paint pen. Electro Etching can create interesting textured parts for building Inlay pieces. Electro Etching part will be component base. Etched parts will be used to construct our Jewelry.

Motifs and ornamental patterns will be more suited in this application of the Electro Etching process. I will have some tools for use, I always Prefer to use my own tools! I recommend bringing your toolbox with your full scope of pliers, solder picks, cross locks and all the tools you might use to create work at home that will fit in your toolbox.

Lab fee includes Sterling Silver for Project 1 and Earrings, pripps flux, silver hard wire solder, saw blades, glues for inlay, stabilizer glues, dusk masks, 3M and black craytex wheels on Dremel points, green scrubby, pencil and disposable goods. Will include use of all my tools, including 1inch Belt Sander, Drill press and does include some banding and wood. I allow students to use their own Sterling Silver. I will have Kits and materials available for sale.

Lab Fee: $175

PREREQUISITES: Intermediate Solder Level


Electro-Etching – Micah Kirby


With a Bachelors of Fine Arts Furniture Design and Sculpture from Indiana University Herron School of Art and Design, Micah redirected his love of art, found objects and sculptural elements to unique contemporary furniture, jewelry and sculptures. He has training in cabochons, advanced chain making, cold connections, design, fold forming, inlay, and silver fabrication. He has spent last year working as studio assistant to Chuck Bruce Designs and has participated in regional Midwest art fairs and local commissioned furniture projects. He exhibits his work in local Indianapolis galleries, permanent installation at Indiana University of Sice for International affairs, and has been published in HouseTrends Magazine.