Metal Folding

Moving Metal Using Foldforming Techniques- Tom & Kay Benham

Wildacres – September 18-24, 2017

Join Tom & Kay for a fun-packed week of moving metal using simple and complex foldforming techniques based on Charles Lewton-Brain’s book, Foldforming. Basic Line Folds, T-Folds, Cross Folds, and Scored- and Bent-Folds are just a few of many folds that will be discussed and demonstrated. The process of folding metal to create large and small sculptures is easily adaptable to creating jewelry size items. Workshop goals are for students to master the foldforming process and to become inspired to translate these shapes into dimensional jewelry.

Copper will be used in the demonstrations. Tom & Kay will provide copper for students for class use. Once students have mastered the basics they are welcome to work in silver or gold. 22 gauge for pendants, 24 and/or 26 gauge metal for earrings. For bracelets: 22 gauge at least 2” x x 6” for standard size wrists or 2” x 7” for larger wrists.

Class minimum: 5

Class maximum: 8

Student Fee:  $100.00


Tom & Kay Benham Bio-

The Benhams have co-edited their “Ask The Experts” column since 2002 for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist in which they field questions on a variety of lapidary and metalworking topics.  They had more than 60 projects, articles and reviews published for the magazine.  The Benhams live and work in the Orlando area where they are active with the Northeast Chapter of The Florida Society of Goldsmiths.  The Benhams teach workshops on a variety of (but not limited to):  Chasing & Repoussé, Foldforming, Hydraulic Press Bracelets, Metalworking Basics, Intarsia and Basic Stone Carving, and Traditional and Non-Traditional Stone Setting in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Colorado.