Opals 1 – Cheryl Kasper

William Holland – June 11-17, 2017

You will learn about various types of opals, how to cut and polish opal, how to read a stone before and during cutting, what makes opal precious, how opal forms, the equipment and supplies used to cut, treatments, care and tops for setting opals, opal valuation and why opal is such a unique and mysterious gemstone. Opals, books and supplies will be available for purchase. You are invited to bring your own opal as well. No prior experience is required. Lab fee covers a guide with information about opals, supplemental handouts, access to plenty of free practice opal rough, miscellaneous supplies needed to complete work in class and an opal kit that includes approximately eight pieces of opal rough from around the world, both common (about five pieces) and precious (about two or three pieces) chosen to help you learn during class.
lab fee: $70
prerequisites: none

Cheryl Kasper Bio –

Cheryl grew up in a rockhounding family and first took faceting at Wildacres when she was 15. Following in her father’s footsteps, Cheryl has a passion for Opal, a mysterious and exciting stone! She has been working with Opal since about 2000. A true “opalholic” (and a Libra), she went to the Australian outback in 2007 to mine for opals in Coober Pedy and Lightning Ridge where she studied opal carving from Daniela L’Abbate. Cheryl specializes in releasing the unique beauty in each stone. Come join us for a fun and exciting week of discovery!