2019 SFMS Workshops

By | January 7, 2017

One of the unique facets of the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies is our Workshop Program, which offers members the opportunity to gather for week-long, hands-on seminars taught by experienced instructors. Whether you are a newcomer to the lapidary arts and want to learn the basics, or you’re experienced and want to learn something new or hone your skills, the Workshop Program has something for you.

We look forward to seeing you!

PLEASE READ! –  I have received some class inquiries on this website. I do not have the class info. Please contact the appropriate Registrar to see if the class you want has room. You can find that information on the Contact Page.

All checks are to be made out to: SFMS WORKSHOPS

2019 SFMS Workshop Registration form (fill out online and email)

Metal Class at Wildacres                                                                                           Casting Class at William Holland

8 thoughts on “2019 SFMS Workshops

  1. toni robert

    have been trying to registar for cold connections 1 &2 on 10/28 & 11/4 but unable to do so on website or by phone

    1. 42659909 Post author

      Hopefully you were able to get through to the school. This website is for the Southeast Federation workshop not the regular weeks. I’m sorry I didn’t check her sooner to help you. The William Holland website is working now and you can register online. If you still have a problem, Sarah should be in the office tomorrow.

  2. Janet Vodvarka

    Can we get information on Vicki Prillaman’s course on rings at Wm Holland this year. I is Silver II. It was listed but there was no course information.

    1. 42659909 Post author

      The director is working on this. I’ll post it as soon as I get the info. I’ll send her your contact info. I’m just the web mistress and not in charge of the classes.

  3. Namcy McShabe

    I am. A member of the Franklin Gem and Mineral Society, and MAGMA. Am I elligabke for the June 10 Week at William Holland? I am interested in the Opal Class.
    Thanks, twfancy@yahoo.com
    Nancy McShane

    1. 42659909 Post author

      Hi Nancy, you are eligible for the Federation workshops but we dont have an opal class this year. There is a cabbing class offered. Please let me know if I can help or you need more info.

      Cindy Reed

  4. Ann

    The link to the registration form on this page is now working for me… Anyone else having this problem or is it just me?


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